Investing in Meydan What Makes it a Smart Choice

Are you looking for a haven that smoothly combines modern comforts with the peacefulness of nature?

Look no further than Meydan-a captivating that blends the charm of contemporary living with the beauty of the natural environment.

The Meydan city is half done, and further progress is in the RAS AL KHOR region of Dubai. Some people think it’s a community, but it is not only a community but also an authentic district in Dubai. As well as it’s a big project of majesty Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This district was established in 2007 and, in a shorter period, became the progressive city of Dubai. The land area extends over 45 million square feet in the heart of the MBR region, closest to RAS AL KHOR way.

In 2002, the district looked for the larger infrastructural progress in terms of various options for living, employment, playing, dining and shopping with the launching of many larger realms of  projects, some of which have been delivered, some are not completed and many are in the conduit.

If you want to invest in Meydan Dubai and need clarification on whether this is a good investment or not, here are some of the best reasons to invest here.

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Meydan Ideal Location

Why did you choose? Meydan has racecourses, Golfs, luxury hotels, Tennis academy, beaches, Meydan Marina for yachts and boating, cycling tracks, horse riding academies as well as This Meydan district is only a few seconds away from the bustling Dubai international airport, seaports and other majestic locations of dubai.

Regarding international airports, approximately 2.5 billion people are just 4 hours away, and 5 billion people are just 8 hours away from here.

Several travelers and business people from the GCC countries, for instance, the Middle East, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and  Europe, travel to Dubai and require the accommodation closest to the airport and the business destinations. The district Meydan is a top-notch opportunity for them.

On The other hand, when we talk about the Meydan community from the rest of Dubai then, this community also entirely stands nearby major milestones of Dubai.

  • 10 minutes form the City center Dubai
  • 10 minutes from the Al Khail Road
  • 10 minutes from Dubai Creek
  • 15 minutes from the Dubai International Airport
  • 25 minutes from the beautiful Palm Jumeirah

A Vibrant society

Meydan is the perfect location for the audience wanting to invest and set up their business in the sound-vibrant city of Dubai. A free zone in the Meydan offers several exclusive communities that drive development and growth by collaboration and innovation. The central position of Dubai offers the best ecosystem to start and grow any business.

Meydan provides the green space environment to residents along with golfing, cycling, riding facilities. This community also incorporates sustainable and eco friendly practices. Meydan organizes the community events, social gatherings fostering the vibrant community spirit.

Way of living

Every perfect and profitable community in the world emphasizes the facilities. For instance, a family tends to emphasize luxury houses, fairgrounds, and green spaces nearby. Meydan City is the perfect spot for families and travelers in Dubai, with several high-end facilities to provide diverse cultural backgrounds.

Shopping and Entertainment  experience

Every luxurious life needs high-class amenities, so Meydan is here. One mall is located inside the community. This mall is one of the predictable growth that rethinks the perfect retail experience in Dubai and the world.

For entertainment and the spare time required of the residents of Meydan, there are several options like horse racing gallery, museum, golfing- when you are looking for the kids then move toward track head golf to enjoy. Meydan gives you the largest Lagoon with a 7-kilometer-long water body that has crystal clear water hooked up with palm trees, commercial growth, resorts, parks and residential growth.

Educational institutions

The largest concern is the quality of education institutions; Meydan includes some of the best school establishments in different sub-communities.

North London collegiate school is located inside Hartland. Extended over the 38,000sq meter area and providing curriculum premiums as well as enhancing the development of holistic

Possibility of Appreciation

Appreciation is the best opportunity for every investor, and in real estate investment, the property must have a strong appreciation potential. Meydan is the most admired growth in Dubai thanks to its positive  vision to offer a high entertainment-exclusive offering in the residential property.

If you seek the best growth to buy an apartment in the Meydan, you can focus on Riviera from the Azizi developments. Here you can select the studio 1 to 3 bed apartments at a stunning cost starting from AED 0.5 million. The cost of the property depends on the floor height, views, configurations and many other factors like transportation network, condition of the roads, utilities, and the reputation of the developer.

Final Verdict

Several developments are in progress in Meydan, which is an attractive and captivating city for every real estate investor and Commercial buyer. Since various progressives are under construction, you can purchase the perfect capital from the larger real estate brand at a stunning cost.


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