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Mr. Mhd Ali Aldada

Co- Founder of NOUMOU Properties LLC.

Mr. Ali is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and visionary leader in the Real Estate and Hospitality industry.
With over 20 years of experience, He has established himself as a prominent figure and built a successful real estate company from the ground up. His exceptional business acumen, innovative thinking, and passion for the industry have contributed to his remarkable achievements in the UAE and across MENA and Europe.
His experience across different verticals brings his best to the table. He is known and admired by many for seeing the different perspectives of a certain situation or idea and then creating the plan and strategy for a more suitable business in the distant future.
Mr. Ali always believes in the thought that “Nothing is Impossible,” with a strong perception that there is always a solution to any problem; he is always ready to go above and beyond possibilities and solutions.

Mohammad Shakashiro

Managing Director of NOUMOU Properties LLC.

Mr. Mohammad Shahashiro is a visionary founder of Noumou, a respected real estate company known for its expertise in residential and commercial properties. Throughout his impressive tenure spanning over two decades, Mr. Mohammad has not only accumulated vast experience but also solidified his reputation as an authoritative figure in the real estate sector.
His experience across various industries allows him to showcase his best qualities. Many know him and admire his ability to see different perspectives on a particular situation or idea, and then devise a plan and strategy for a more suitable business in the distant future.
With extensive experience in international relations and fluency in several languages, including English and Arabic, Mohammed is well-equipped for effective communication with individuals from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. He has actively participated in international conferences, seminars, and forums, where he has demonstrated his exceptional negotiation and communication skills.


Mai Droubi

HR & Operations Manager

Ameer AlBunni

Sales Manager

Omar fakhri

Sr Marketing Specialist

Muhammad Rauf

IT Manager

Lorna Gatchalian

Operations Administration

Asim baig

Sr Accountant


Rita Ali

Sales Executive

Christine Mercado

Executive Secretary

Ayesha Shaikh

Marketing Coordinator

Mohammed Amjad

Property Consultant

Carmen Salas

Property Consultant


Property Consultant


Property Consultant

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