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Here are the most frequently asked questions about Buying your home

Buying a house in Dubai can be a promising opportunity, as the real estate market in Dubai has shown resilience and growth potential. Factors such as location, property type, and current market conditions will influence your chances. Dubai’s real estate market is known for its high demand, especially for properties in prime locations, and it attracts both local and international buyers.

However, it’s important to consider the current economic climate, property prices, and market trends. Working with a reputable real estate agent can also enhance your chances of selling your house efficiently.

For the Dubai market, you should provide Buyer with the following information:

    1. Property Details: Size, type, location, and amenities.
    2. Legal Status: Ownership proof and any applicable permits.
    3. Financials: Asking price, payment terms, and potential fees.
    4. Maintenance: Details on upkeep and community fees.

Providing comprehensive and accurate information will help Buyer make informed decisions and build trust in your offerings.

The cost of a home inspection in Dubai typically ranges from AED 1,500 to AED 3,000, depending on the size and type of the property. Larger or more complex properties may incur higher fees.

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