Emaar Properties Unveils AED 55 Billion Mega Project: The Heights Country Club & Wellness

Emaar Properties, Dubai’s leading master developer, has announced its latest ambitious project, The Heights Country Club & Wellness, valued at AED 55 billion ($15 billion).

Grand Reveal and Vision Alignment

The significant development was unveiled during a grand event at the Armani Dubai Hotel ballroom on May 20. This project is meticulously crafted to promote an environment of health and well-being, perfectly in line with Dubai’s leadership’s vision to enhance the quality of life and foster well-being across the Emirate.

Comprehensive Community Features

The Heights Country Club & Wellness is set to include stylish townhouses and semi-attached villas, all complemented by a thoughtfully designed wellness center, parks, ponds, and lush greenways. The overall master plan promises a community-wide country club experience, according to Emaar’s statement.

Expansive and Inclusive Development

Spanning 81 million square feet, this extensive project will feature cycling tracks, parks, event plazas, and essential services such as schools, hospitals, mosques, upscale retail, and gourmet dining spaces. Emaar highlighted that the wellness center is at the heart of the community, surrounded by serene wellness greenways that offer peaceful pathways throughout the area.

Enhancing Quality of Life

These features, along with tranquil water bodies, picturesque ponds, a comprehensive network of cycling and jogging tracks, expansive parks, and numerous event plazas, are seamlessly integrated into 1.3 million square meters of open space. This integration enhances both the environment and the residents’ quality of life, Emaar’s statement emphasized.

A Visionary Statement from Emaar’s Chairman

Unveiling the project, Chairman Mohamed Alabbar stated, “The Heights Country Club & Wellness is our response to Dubai’s progressive vision of promoting well-being. By combining lush landscapes, advanced wellness facilities, and dynamic community spaces, we are creating an environment that transcends traditional luxury living by providing a holistic lifestyle that benefits residents’ physical and mental health.”

Alabbar further added, “It embodies Emaar’s approach to shaping future lifestyles, inviting everyone to live a life centered on wellness and community.”

Architectural Excellence and Prime Location

The Heights Country Club & Wellness offers a range of residential options, each a masterpiece of architectural ingenuity designed to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Located just 10 minutes from Al Maktoum International Airport, this development combines wellness and convenience.

Seamless Integration with Nature

The chic townhouses and semi-attached villas are crafted to blend seamlessly into the natural environment, combining linear forms with elegant curves that echo nature’s ebb and flow, explained Alabbar.Contact us

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