Dubai real estate is off to a great start with record sales.

Unveiling Dubai’s Real Estate Boom in January 2024

Dubai’s real estate market has hit unprecedented heights with record-breaking sales soaring to Dh35.4 billion in January 2024. This remarkable surge signifies a promising outlook for the real estate sector in the year ahead, driven by a burgeoning demand for off-plan properties and the sustained momentum from the previous year.

A Remarkable Growth Trajectory

In a testament to its growth trajectory, January 2024 witnessed a staggering 27% increase from Dh27.9 billion in January 2023, indicating a sustained upward trend over recent years. This surge underscores the robust health of Dubai’s real estate market and its resilience amid changing economic landscapes.

Increased Sales Transactions

Property Finder’s data reveals a notable 17% year-over-year increase in recorded sales transactions, surpassing 11,000 transactions compared to 8,712 in January 2023. This surge in transactions points towards a thriving market fueled by heightened investor confidence and a growing appetite for property ownership in Dubai.

Insights from Industry Experts

Cherif Sleiman, the Chief Revenue Officer at Property Finder, emphasizes that January’s performance builds upon the strong momentum of the previous year, hinting at sustained success in 2024. Sleiman notes the growing traction of off-plan properties, indicating promising demand for new projects and signaling evolving consumer preferences within the real estate landscape.

Surge in Off-Plan Activity

Off-plan properties have emerged as a key driver of demand, witnessing a substantial year-on-year increase of approximately 25% in transaction volume, with over 6,000 recorded transactions. Moreover, the value of off-plan properties surged by about 21% year-on-year to approximately Dh15 billion, underscoring their growing appeal among investors and homebuyers.

Market Influence Beyond Borders

A report by Zazen Properties highlights Dubai’s pivotal role in propelling the UAE’s real estate market to unprecedented heights, with sales reaching Dh455.7 billion in 2023. With demand projected to outpace supply, particularly in the off-plan sector, Dubai is poised to drive the overall market growth in 2024 and beyond, buoyed by its rapidly expanding population and sustained economic vibrancy.

Key Trends Shaping Dubai’s Real Estate Landscape

Tourism-Driven Growth

Dubai’s real estate resurgence in 2023 can be attributed to its thriving tourism sector, which bolstered domestic demand and contributed to a significant increase in sales value. With sales reaching Dh160.46 billion in 2023, reflecting a remarkable 72.3% growth compared to 2022, Dubai emerged as a prominent bright spot on the global real estate map.

Demand Dynamics

Property Finder’s data unveils intriguing insights into buyer preferences, with approximately 58% of prospective buyers expressing interest in apartments, while 42% favored villas or townhouses. In the rental market, apartments remained the preferred choice, with 80% of tenants seeking such accommodations, highlighting the evolving lifestyle preferences in Dubai.

Tenant Preferences

The research conducted by Property Finder sheds light on tenant preferences, revealing that 62.2% of apartment seekers opt for furnished properties, while 36.1% prefer unfurnished options. Conversely, tenants in the villa and townhouse segment show a preference for unfurnished units, with 57% seeking such accommodations.

Unit Preferences

When it comes to unit preferences, the data indicates that one-bedroom units are the most sought after among tenants, comprising 36% of searches, followed by two-bedroom apartments at 31%, and studios at 22%. In the villa and townhouse segment, three-bedroom units are the most coveted, accounting for 43% of searches.

Preferred Locations for Property Ownership and Rentals

Apartment Ownership

Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Village Circle, Business Bay, and Palm Jumeirah emerge as the top destinations for apartment ownership, reflecting their appeal among investors and homebuyers seeking prime residential properties.

Villa and Townhouse Ownership

For those eyeing villas and townhouses, Dubai Hills Estate, Arabian Ranches, Palm Jumeirah, Al Furjan, and Damac Hills stand out as preferred locales, offering a blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience.

Rental Hotspots

In the rental market, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Village Circle, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, and Deira are favored locales, characterized by their vibrant communities, amenities, and accessibility.

Villa and Townhouse Rentals

Prospective tenants seeking villas and townhouses gravitate towards Dubai Hills Estate, Al Barsha, Damac Hills 2, Jumeirah, and Umm Suqeim, drawn by the spacious layouts, privacy, and upscale amenities offered by these communities.

Continued Growth and Opportunities Ahead

Despite economic uncertainties, Dubai’s real estate market remains resilient, fueled by robust demand, strategic initiatives, and investor confidence. As the city continues to evolve as a global hub for commerce, tourism, and innovation, the real estate sector is poised for sustained growth, presenting lucrative opportunities for investors and stakeholders alike.


Dubai’s real estate market stands at the cusp of a transformative era, characterized by unprecedented growth, evolving consumer preferences, and dynamic market dynamics. With record-breaking sales in January 2024 and a surge in off-plan activity, the sector exemplifies resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges. As Dubai continues to cement its position as a global economic powerhouse and a beacon of innovation, the real estate sector remains a cornerstone of its success story. With a diverse portfolio of properties, burgeoning demand, and strategic initiatives driving growth, the future looks promising for investors, developers, and stakeholders invested in Dubai’s thriving real estate landscape. As we navigate the opportunities and challenges ahead, one thing remains certain – Dubai’s real estate market is poised to redefine standards, shape skylines, and create lasting legacies for generations to come.

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