Aldar’s Remarkable Performance: A Growth Story Unveiled

In the dynamic landscape of real estate development, few names shine as brightly as Aldar, the master developer based in Abu Dhabi. As the first quarter of 2024 drew to a close, Aldar proudly announced its stellar financial results, setting a new benchmark for success in the industry. With a net profit (after tax) of Dh1.6 billion, Aldar witnessed an astonishing 88% increase compared to the same period in 2023. These exceptional figures were propelled by revenues reaching Dh5.6 billion, marking an impressive 83% surge year over year, and an EBITDA of Dh1.8 billion, soaring by 90% year over year.

Unveiling Aldar’s Triumphs

Residential Community Expansion: A Gateway to Prosperity

Aldar’s strategic expansion into Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah bore fruits, with the successful launch of its inaugural residential community. This expansion, coupled with the continuous stream of off-plan launches in Abu Dhabi, injected vitality into Aldar’s revenue streams. The imminent introduction of its second project in Dubai signals a promising trajectory for further growth.

Visionary Leadership Steers Growth

Talal Al Dhiyebi, Group CEO of Aldar, exudes confidence in the company’s trajectory, stating, “We look to further growth this year through our strong development pipeline and new opportunities to expand our recurring income portfolio.” His visionary leadership underscores Aldar’s commitment to sustained expansion and innovation.

Robust Backlog Fuels Optimism

Aldar’s development backlog, standing tall at more than Dh38 billion, serves as a testament to its robust growth trajectory. This substantial backlog not only bolsters investor confidence but also underscores Aldar’s unwavering commitment to delivering excellence.

Exploring Aldar’s Expansion Initiatives

Al Fahid Island: A Paradigm of Luxury

With a steadfast focus on elevating the residential landscape, Aldar unveils its latest masterpiece: a luxurious beachfront development on Al Fahid Island. Positioned as Abu Dhabi’s upcoming “island” destination, this upscale venture promises to redefine waterfront living, adding allure to the city’s skyline.

Dubai’s Thriving Real Estate Landscape

Aldar’s foray into Dubai’s real estate market gains momentum, with the imminent launch of its second project in May. This strategic expansion underscores Aldar’s ambition to leave an indelible mark on Dubai’s flourishing real estate landscape.

Aldar’s Global Footprint

London Square Acquisition: A Strategic Milestone

Aldar’s strategic acquisition of UK developer London Square in December proved to be a pivotal move, further amplifying its global footprint. The acquisition contributed Dh223 million in revenue in Q1-2024, with Dh101 million in sales. London Square’s substantial revenue backlog of Dh1.59 billion, coupled with an average duration of 23 months, cements Aldar’s position as a global real estate powerhouse.

Conclusion: Pioneering Excellence in Real Estate

Aldar’s stellar performance in the first quarter of 2024 underscores its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. With a potent blend of visionary leadership, strategic expansion initiatives, and a steadfast focus on customer-centricity, Aldar continues to set new benchmarks for success in the global real estate landscape.Contact us

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