30 Real Estate Companies Are Guaranteed Compliance with New RERA Regulations

RERA’s Commitment to Regulatory Compliance

As the primary regulatory authority overseeing real estate activities in Dubai, RERA places paramount importance on ensuring compliance with stipulated terms and conditions governing real estate advertisements. This commitment underscores RERA’s dedication to fostering transparency and reliability in the property market. By mandating advertising licenses for real estate companies, RERA aims to ensure that consumers receive accurate and dependable information regarding properties.

Harnessing Innovation for Transparency

A notable initiative spearheaded by RERA involves the integration of QR codes in all advertisements. This proactive step not only empowers investors and potential buyers but also enhances transparency and accountability within the real estate industry. QR codes facilitate swift access to essential property data, enabling individuals to make well-informed decisions regarding their investments. This innovative feature streamlines the verification process for property details, thereby bolstering trust and confidence among stakeholders.

Enforcing Compliance and Industry Standards

RERA’s recent enforcement actions, which led to the identification of 30 real estate companies flouting advertising regulations, underscore its proactive approach towards addressing non-compliance and elevating industry standards. By imposing fines amounting to AED 50,000 per non-compliant entity, RERA sends a clear message regarding its unwavering commitment to upholding regulatory norms and fostering accountability within the sector.

Advocating for Consumer Protection

Ali Abdullah Al Ali, Director of the Real Estate Control Department at RERA, emphasizes the agency’s vigilant monitoring of market activities and advertising practices. Prior to resorting to fines, RERA employs measures such as issuing circulars and warnings to remind companies of their obligations regarding real estate advertising. Al Ali underscores RERA’s dedication to enhancing transparency, providing exemplary services to stakeholders, safeguarding rights, and promoting sustainability in the sector’s development.

Empowering Consumers through Awareness

Al Ali’s counsel emphasizes the critical role of consumer awareness and regulatory compliance in nurturing a healthy and transparent real estate market. By cautioning the public against engaging with unpermitted real estate advertisements lacking QR codes, he highlights the potential risks associated with misinformation and non-compliance with regulatory standards. Al Ali’s advocacy for regulatory compliance echoes the broader objective of ensuring ethical and transparent real estate transactions, thereby fostering accountability among industry players and enhancing consumer confidence.


In conclusion, RERA’s steadfast commitment to upholding transparency and integrity within Dubai’s real estate sector is evident through its stringent enforcement of advertising regulations and innovative initiatives such as QR code integration. Through proactive measures and advocacy for consumer protection, RERA aims to instill confidence among stakeholders and maintain the sector’s reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. Contact Us

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